According to a decision jointly made by CNIPA and APO, the PPH pilot program between China and Austria will be extended for another five years between March 1, 2021, and February 28, 2026. Relevant requirements and procedures to submit PPH requests to the two organizations remain unchanged.

China-Austria PPH pilot program was launched on March 1, 2013, and had been extended three times in 2014, 2016 and 2018. It was to be terminated on February 28, 2021.

(Translated from CNIPA Website Chinese Version)

Complaint Hotline

  • Consumer Complaint Hotline: 12315
  • Online Law Violations and Harmful Information Reporting Hotline: 12377
  • Pornographic and Illegal Publications Reporting Hotline: 12390
  • Service Hotline of Customs: 12360
  • Cultural Market Complaints: 12318