Dongguan Customs seized infringing goods via cross-border e-commerce platforms for the first time in 2020

Recently, Huangpu Customs successively handled a number of IPR infringement cases, with over 22,000 items of infringing goods seized, including children’s tricycles, motorcycle accessories, watches, shoes and etc.

An e-commerce company in Dongguan applied to Huangpu Customs for exporting a total of 113 children’s tricycles. The case is currently under further investigation. This is also the first batch of infringing goods seized by Huangpu Customs since the launch of “Longteng Action 2020”.

Besides, Dongguan Customs affiliated with Huangpu Customs, seized 16,239 items of infringing goods via cross-border e-commerce platforms at export, including watches and shoes which infringed upon IPRs of well-known brands.

When inspecting this batch of goods, Dongguan Customs found that a large number of goods labeled signs of brand name, such as “LV”, “CHANEL” and “CK”, involving shoes, watches and etc. Those goods were suspected of IPR infringement, with poor packaging and rough workmanship. Officials from the Customs decided to suspend the customs clearance of the goods and took IPR protection measures. After contacting with the right holders of relevant brands for confirmation, all the goods were identified counterfeit and infringing products, all of which have been detained in accordance with the law. This was the first time that Dongguan Customs has seized infringing goods via cross-border e-commerce channel this year.

Under the unified deployment of the General Administration for the Customs, Huangpu Customs launched IPR protection action coded “Longteng Action 2020” from February 15th to December 31st, 2020. During the action, Huangpu Customs will focus their law enforcement resources on combating infringing goods at import and export, thus protecting the IPR of enterprises and providing guarantee for the high-quality development of foreign trade.