The first case concerning infringing facial masks via freight channelat importnationwide under investigation

On March 12th, Shanghai Customs investigated the first case concerning infringing facial masks via freight channel at import nationwide. After the application of “on-site inspection + precise risk control”, it was found that 8,000 facial masks labeled “3M 8210 N95” imported by a company in Dongguan from Uganda were suspected of infringement. They were identified counterfeit by the right holder and the application for IPR protection has been filed to the Customs. The case is currently under further investigation.

It was learned that this case was an important periodical result for Shanghai Customs to promote “Longteng Action 2020”. According to the unified deployment of the General Administration of Customs, Shanghai Customs launched a special IPR protection action coded “Longteng Action 2020” from February 15th to the end of the year, to further enhance IPR protection at customs, effectively crack down on illegal acts of IPR infringement goods at export and import in Shanghai, foster a sound business environment and contribute to high-quality economic development.

This is the 4th consecutive year for Shanghai Customs to launch the special IPR protection action coded “Longteng Action” since 2017. Shanghai Customs harshly cracks down on infringing goods at import and export by concentrating efforts on law enforcement and resources, thus maintaining the fair and orderly import and export trade. So far, Shanghai Customs has seized over 3.55 million items of infringing goods in total in “Longteng Action” over the past years, with the case value totaling nearly 26 million yuan.

(Source: China Youth Daily)