Guizhou Province harshly cracked down on selling counterfeit and substandard products

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, market regulators at all levels of Guizhou has enhanced supervision over protective products, such as facial masks, disinfection products and anti-viral medications, and investigated and handled a number of cases concerning inferior facial masks.

To ensure the quality and stable prices of protective products, Guizhou Administration for Market Regulation released the Notice on Strengthening Supervision over the Safety of Medical Equipment for Urgently-Needed Medicine amid the Epidemic Fight, requiring market regulators at all levels enhance law enforcement and ensure quality and safety.

Market regulators at all levels of Guizhou mainly cracked down on illegal acts of manufacturing counterfeit and substandard preventive products and disinfection products, such as facial masks. Punishment on selling seconds at best quality prices, counterfeiting factory addresses, manufacturing and selling three-no products, recycling used facial masks for sale, selling medical goods and materials without a license was intensified. Cases concerning departments of health and environment protection and public security organs should be actively reported to related departments and thoroughly investigated. Cases concerning crimes should be transferred to public security organs in a timely manner.

(Source: China Quality Daily)