Beijing Crack the first cross-provincial case of fake face masks

Recently, Beijing Administration for Market Regulation, in partnership with the public security organs cracked the first cross-provincial case of fake face masks, and seized 4 suspects and 21,000 branded 3M face masks.

On January 29th, Food and Drug Inspection Team of Beijing Administration for Market Regulation found that a drug store sold fake 3M face masks in Chaoyang District and reported the clue to Beijing police. A special case group was set up.

On January 30th, suspect Li was seized who purchased fake 3M face masks and sold them to Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.

On February 1st, two other suspects were caught with the assistance of Taiyuan police of Shanxi Province. On February 2nd, Gaomi police of Shandong Province seized a number of suspects who manufactured branded 3M face masks.