Chinese law enforcement agencies harshly cracked fake and inferior products

(Counterfeit and inferior face masks hidden in the residential building in the case cracked by Zhejiang police)

On January 30th,the public security organs of Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu and Jiangxi cracked 7 cases concerning manufacturing and selling fake and shoddy face masks, which were sold through physical stores and moments of Wechat.

It was learned that in a case uncovered by Zhejiang police,the law enforcement organs and market regulators seized over100,000 disposable and unlabeled face masks and 10 suspects, assisted by the technologies of Alibaba. This was the first case of its kind nationwide since the outbreak of the pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus.

On January 31th, Alibaba assisted the Administration for Market Regulation of Chongqing to crack a case of selling fake face masks. According to the two suspects of the case, they sold more than 20,000 fake face masks, with the sales totaling 200,000 yuan.

As of February 3rd, Alibaba has assisted law enforcement organs nationwide to crack more than 10 cases of manufacturing and selling fake face masks.

(Source: China Economy Net)