Chinese customs seized 17.45 million pieces of infringing goods in “Longteng Action 2019”

“Longteng Action 2019” carried out by General Administration of Customs, PRC was completed by the end of 2019, with a duration of 6 months. During the Action, Chinese customs seized 17.45 million pieces of infringing goods in 45,000 batches, valued at 107 million yuan. Cooperation among customs at various levels were carried out for over 200 times.

During the Action, the Chinese customs focused on enhancing enforcement in postal services, and seized 564,900 pieces of infringing goods in 42,000 batches, 5.97 and 3.18 times higher than 2018 respectively. 12,656 batches of infringing goods by post were seized by Shanghai Custom, 6,633 batches by Nanjing Custom, and more than 2,000 batches by customs of Shenzhen, Wuhan, Fuzhou and Shenyang. Customs of Wuhan, Fuzhou and Shenyang ranked the top 10 customs with the largest seized number by post for the first time. The average time for suspension of custom clearance concerning infringing goodswas within 10 working days , and the average time for investigation and trial was within 30 working days.

During the action, the Chinese Customs seized 356 batches of infringing goods concerning self-owned brands nationwide, detained 6.271 million pieces of infringing goods, valued at 30.1978 million yuan. The customs implemented protection measures to foreign-funded brands for 8,617 times, seized 10.3257 million pieces of infringing goods concerning foreign-funded brands in 42,300 batches. Measures to protect the seal and mascot of CIIE as well as IPRs of participating businesses were implemented for hundreds of times. 17 cases related to IPR infringement of participating businesses wereinvestigated.

(Source: GAC Website)