Shanghai uncovered over 100 types of IPR infringement products, worth over 200 million yuan

It was learned from Jing’an police in Shanghai on December 31 that the police of Jing’an District recently cracked an industrial chain of copyright infringement upon cartoon image of Minions and destroyed a criminal gang headed by Luo. The case group took the netting action in Guangdong and Zhejiang. 13 criminal suspects were caught. 4 dens of counterfeit production, packaging and warehousing as well as over 10 assembly lines were destroyed. Over 100 types of toys which infringed upon the image copyrights of Minions, Captain America and Superman, among others, were detained. Over 5 million items of semi-products and finished products were confiscated. The case involved a total of over 200 million yuan. 

Now, the 13 suspects have been transferred to prosecution in accordance with the law.