A large case of counterfeit drugs cracked through a local nail salon doing micro-plastic surgery in Jimo District

In the autumn and winter this year, the Public Security Bureau of Jimo District in Qingdao, Shandong took harsh action to crack down on illegal and criminal acts related to food and drugs and to protect the life and health rights of people. In May, the police of Food, Drugs and Environmental Investigation Team under the Public Security Bureau of Jimo District received the tip-off from the public that a nail salon in Jimo District used botox to do micro-plastic surgeries. After checking, the police found the seized goods, including empty botox bottles and boxes, hyaluronic acid and hydrolifting were counterfeits, that is to say, the two suspects were selling counterfeit drugs to consumers. 

Supported by other counterparts, the case police analyzed the logistic information and other clues and identified that the source was from Siping City in Jilin Province. During the crackdown operation in autumn and winter, the case police went to Siping and caught three suspects under the assistance of local police. The goods detained on site, including botox, hydrolifting and packaging material, was valued over 10 million yuan in total. Now, the suspects involved in the case have been imposed upon with compulsory criminal measures. 

(Source: ql1d.com)