Shaanxi police cracked the largest case of liquor counterfeiting across the province, worth over 10 million yuan

Over 10 months of investigation, the police station of Fengxi New City affiliated to the Public Security Bureau of Xixian New Area cracked a large gang of liquor counterfeiting led by the suspects surnamed Liu and Wang. 

As the case police revealed, this case is the largest among the full-industrial chain liquor counterfeiting uncovered in Shaanxi Province in recent years. After the case was solved, the police station of Fengxi New City got the congratulatory letter from Ministry of Public Security. 

During the investigation, the branch of Fengxi New City reported the case to the bureau of Xixian New Area and communicated with the Public Security Department of Shaanxi and Shaanxi Procuratorate to obtain the establishment right by procurators over the case. After getting the approval from the procurator of Qindu District in Xianyang City, the local police arrested the main suspects. 

  So far, the police destroyed 8 dens of liquor counterfeiting in Xi’an, Xianyang and Xixian New Area, detained over 30,000 sets of packaging and materials used to produce counterfeit liquor, a large quantity of counterfeits implements and finished products. 15 suspects were under legal criminal detention, including five legally arrested and eight released on bail pending trial. The case was valued over 10 million yuan in total, based on the economic information grasped. 

(Source: Xi’an Evening News)