Shenzhen Customs seized over 370,000 items of IPR infringement goods in two months after “Longteng Action”

Recently, WenjJindu Customs affiliated to Shenzhen Customs received the confirmation from 23 holders of about 32 trademarks, and identified that 20,638 items of goods seized at the export infringed upon the trademarks of “VIVO”, “Xiaomi” and “OPPO”.

As is learned, in order to further enhance IPR protection and effectively crack down on acts of IPR infringement for export, the General Administration of Customs launched the six-month campaign “Longteng Action 2019”for the IPR protection by the national customs. Since the launch of the action, Shenzhen Customs has adopted the IPR protection measures for 863 batches, detained 375,000 items of IPR infringement goods in 588 batches, involving the value of 4.173 million yuan.

Shenzhen Customs has always attached high importance to IPR protection by innovating the work methods, and collaborating with enterprises on information collection, trend analysis and joint case handling and strengthening the cross-regional cooperation, to effectively crack down on flow of IPR infringement goods between ports and to achieve chain-based governance and source-based crackdown. More efforts have been made to enhance joint case handling with the police and courts. Since this year, 11 IP-related cases have been transferred to the public security and court authorities. Assistance is provided for local people’s courts to investigate, collect and retain the evidence about a large quantity of IP cases, thus forming a sound and efficient mechanism of cooperation.

In order to help enterprises resort to legal weapon for right and interests protection, Shenzhen Customs took the lead to conduct survey on IPR protection of enterprises by visiting over 200 enterprises to grasp the status quo of IPR protection in enterprises and their overseas disputes. Also, the cooperation on industrial analysis, trend judgment and clue report is enhanced to help enterprises improve their IPR protection.

Since 2019, Shenzhen Customs has detained a total of 13.66 million items of IPR infringement goods in 1491 batches, involving the value of 21.62 million yuan, making the customs rank first in terms of volume of goods seized due to IPR infringement.

(Source: Shenzhen Evening)