Huangdao Customs cracked the largest case of IP infringement in the special action, involving 11 tons of auto parts

Recently, Huangdao Customs seized the export goods of a certain trade company in Shandong that infringe upon the trademark of “中国重汽”(Sinotruk). It was identified that 1749 items of infringement goods were detained, weighing nearly 11 tons. This is the largest case of IPR infringement uncovered by Huangdao Customs at the freight channel since the launch of “Longteng Action 2019”on July 1.

The customs staff discovered when examining the goods exported to Viet Nam declared by a trade company of Shandong that, some fuel tanks and filters in rough craftsmanship bore the trademark logo of “中国重汽”(Sinotruk) . After confirmed by the IPR holder, 1749 items of goods in 6 batches infringed upon the exclusive rights of “中国重汽”trademark filed by China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. with the General Administration of Customs. Now, the case is under investigation.