Fuzhou customs achieved good results in the “Longteng Action”, with over 40,000 items of infringement goods seized

Export goods of IPR infringement seized by Fuzhou customs during the “Longteng Action 2019”

Recently, Fuzhou customs detained 28 watches alleged of IPR infringement during the postal express mail inspection. After the confirmation of trademark holders, the batch of watches infringed upon the trademarks of “OME GA”,“ROLEX”and“SEIKO”. Based on the application of right holders, the Fuzhou customs detained this batch of watches in accordance with the law.

It was learned that since the launch of“Longteng Action 2019”on July 1, Fuzhou customs has seized 137 batches of IPR infringement goods, involving 19 well-known trademarks like “NIKE”,“adidas”,“ROLEX”and“OME GA”and covering 44,906 items of goods such as watches, hats, ballpens, tobacco porches, purses and vacuum cups, which effectively maintained the legitimate rights and interests of IP holders and consumers.

(Source: Chinanews.com)