CNIPA Holds Oral Hearing on Layout Design Infringement Case

On August 26, the Administrative Enforcement Board of Layout Design of Integrated Circuits under China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) held an oral hearing on infringement case concerning integrated controller and switch single chip cathode protection for Li-ion battery protection,which was the second time for CNIPA to hear such case.

In the hearing, the applicant Suzhou Saixin Electronic Technology Company and the respondent, Chengdu Ruiyuan Semiconductor Technology Company provided the appearance for testimony on object of protection,protection scope and evidences concerning the design layout. For the next step, the appraising organs chosen by both parities would be entrusted to identify the chip in question, and the case will continue to hear after the result comes out.

"The administrative enforcement featuring professional and high efficiency meets the safeguard demand of innovators. By hearing this case, I hope it can further expand public's understanding of design layout-related laws and regulations, provisions and enforcement process, beef up protection and ensure the development of that industry," said the relevant principal of IP Protection Department of CNIPA.

(Source: China IP News)