Shanghai police cracked a large case of registered trademark counterfeiting,

In early July, 2019, the police of Baoshan District in Shanghai sent off the elite staff to take the netting action in Shanghai, Jiangsu and Guangdong. A large case of counterfeiting was then successfully uncovered. A cross-provincial criminal gang of selling counterfeit luxury garments, bags and shoes was seized. 21 suspects were caught and 6 dens of counterfeiting were destroyed, involving the value of 80 million yuan in total.

As the suspects confessed, the fake are sold at a price of 1 percent the authentic. A Chanel bag is sold 30,000 to 40,000 yuan at the market while the fake produced only costs 300-400 yuan each. With the increasing supply, the suspects rented a whole villa as the warehouse and studio where many young women were hired to shoot pictures for the goods as the still models.

Now, 8 suspects have been approved for arrest due to the alleged selling counterfeit goods. 13 suspects have been released on bail pending trial. The case is pending for further investigation.

(Source: Shanghai Baoshan Public Security)