Yiwu Customs detained over 300,000 items of IPR-infringing goods

As was learned on August 9, Yiwu customs formally detained a batch of clutch sheets counterfeiting the trademark “VALEO”. After the case was transferred to the competent department, Yiwu customs initiated the process of right confirmation by contacting the trademark holder of “VALEO” and finally confirmed that the detained batch of goods infringed upon the IPR of “VALEO” trademark. So far, the goods is under legal detention and the case is pending for further investigation.

Since the “Longteng Action 2019” was launched on July 1, Yiwu customs has detained over 300,000 items of IPR-infringing goods in 11 batches, covering those of public health safety concern like blades, auto parts, shoes, garments and thermos flask.

Starting from the “Longteng Action 2019”, Yiwu customs increased the efforts on law enforcement by sorting out the recent data about IP law enforcement and the risky elements of key IP-infringing goods and launching targeted deployment, supervision and testing. According to XU Mei, Chief of IP Section under Yiwu customs, as this year marks the third anniversary of “Longteng Action”, they will highlight more the major actions to launch the crackdown targeting the goods of consumer electronics, auto parts, personal care, cases and bags, shoes and boots and firmly protect the life and health of consumers.

(Source: Chinanews.com)