Shanghai police cracked a large case of trademark counterfeiting

Several different kinds of police in Shanghai coordinated to take a netting action in Beijing, Hebei and Jiangsu and cracked a large case of trademark counterfeiting. A criminal gang of counterfeiting led by two suspects surnamed Zhu and Chen was destroyed. 33 criminal suspects were caught, 2 hideouts of counterfeit manufacture and 9 hideouts of counterfeit storage and sales were discovered. Over 300,000 items of finished products and spare parts faking the Philips electric shavers and electric toothbrush heads, a number of plastic-envelop machines and other tools, cell phones and computers were detained, valued at over 30 million yuan.

On June 28, 2019, the police selected over 50 elite staff to launch the netting action in Beijing, Hebei and Jiangsu. Now, 29 suspects among them have been under criminal detention in accordance with the law and other 4 suspects have obtained a guarantor pending trial. The case is pending for further investigation.

(Source: shanghaicity.openservice)