Jiangsu police uncovered a case of international branded products counterfeiting

Recently, under the unified command of Changzhou Public Security Bureau and the coordination among the economic investigation team, Tianning police station and relevant police departments, two large criminal gangs of counterfeiting “WD-40” rust removers were cracked, with 20 suspects being caught, 10 dens of counterfeit production, sales and warehousing and 2 production lines of counterfeits being destroyed, 28,000 bottles of finished and semi-finished counterfeit reagents being detained, and valued at over 4.2 million yuan. The whole criminal chain of production, processing and packaging was completely destroyed.

From 2015 up to now, the two criminal gangs colluded with each other to sell the fake “WD-40” rust removers, lubricants, cleansers and looseners, valued at over 50 million yuan in total.

(Source: gdtv.cn)