Shandong cracked a large case of trademark counterfeiting, valued at over 10 million yuan

It was learned from Public Security Bureau of Qingyun County that recently, a major case of selling goods bearing counterfeit registered trademark was cracked, valued at over 10 million yuan.

According to the confession of suspects, the police discovered the production hideout of fake Xifeng liquor at Ruyang County in Henan Province.

On February 17, the police caught the suspect and seized over 1,800 boxes of products, 120,000 bottles, 50,000 bottle caps, 6,000 liquor boxes, 6,500 packaging boxes, semi-finished products including anti-counterfeit labels, one production line and counterfeits-manufacturing equipment, valued at over 10 million yuan.

Now, three suspects were caught and the case is pending for further investigation.