Ningbo Customs seized over 10,000 items of counterfeits

Officials of Ningbo Customs examined the goods of IPR infringement on the spot.

On March 4, it was learned from Ningbo Customs that its affiliated Beilun Customs detained a batch of fake leather bags and shoes, involving four well-known brands of Adidas, Gucci, Nike and Fila.

After the confirmation of IPR holders, this batch of goods was found counterfeit. There were a total of 18,260 items of IPR-infringing goods in this case, valued at about 185,000 yuan.

According to statistics, since this year, Beilun Customs affiliated to Ningbo Customs has handled 45 IPR-related cases, involving a value of 1.785 million yuan. Ningbo Customs will continue to keep tight crackdown on IPR-infringing and counterfeit goods by harshly combating the acts of IPR infringement, preventing the flow of infringing goods into the market and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.