Shanghai police cracked the first cross-border tobacco counterfeiting case nationwide, valued at over 100 million yuan

Joint police action across the border

On the evening of January 30, under the command of Ministry of Public Security and through international law enforcement cooperation with Cambodia, Shanghai police caught 47 suspects in total in Cambodia and at home and detained a large number of counterfeiting equipment and finished products, valued at over 100 million yuan.

On January 15, supported by China’s embassy to Cambodia and assisted by the law enforcers in Cambodia, the task force took the action to arrest the suspects, destroyed 2 hideouts, detained 3 counterfeit production lines, 16 sets of equipment, over 2000 counterfeiting models, 13 rolls of printing material, 2.04 million pieces of packaging paper for different brands and over 40,000 unpacked cigarettes. The case involved many well-known cigarette brands, including Chunghwa, Yuxi and Panda. Then the authorities of Cambodia transferred the suspects to the Chinese side. On the same day, 16 hideouts were destroyed and over 20,000 bars of counterfeit cigarettes were seized.

The police indicated that the successful uncovering of this case marked the launch of the Spring action of Shanghai police for the crackdown on IPR infringement crimes. The action will be carried forward. Also, the publicity for the prevention of IPR-related crimes will be promoted to make due contribution to building a center of scientific innovation in Shanghai.

(Source: Xinmin Evening News)