Yibin Police in Sichuan cracked a large gang of liquor counterfeiting, involving the value of 110 million yuan

On January 15, Yibin police cracked a large case of registered trademark counterfeiting in Tongzhou District, Beijing after over four months of investigation. Eight gangs of liquor counterfeiting were destroyed and 31 case-related suspects were caught. The case involved over 110 million yuan.

According to information, last September, the economic inspection branch of Yibin Public Security Bureau and the police of Yunlian County jointly cracked a criminal gang of well-known liquor counterfeiting in Tianjin. Based on the case uncovered and with further investigation and analysis, the police followed up the clue and discovered the supplier surnamed Song hiding in Beijing.

The case team in Yibin sent off the police to Beijing for further investigation. Over three months of secret investigation, analysis and judgement, a criminal gang of well-known liquor counterfeiting was cracked in Tongzhou District, Beijing.

According to statistics, this action uncovered 16 hideouts of fake liquor, captured 31 suspects, seized 13,352 bottles of counterfeit liquor and 97,155 sets of liquor packaging.

Now, the suspects have been imposed upon compulsory measures and the case is pending for further investigation.

(Source: Chengdu Economic Daily)