Customs uncovered over 1,000 pieces of counterfeit goods including Rolex watch at the export channel of cross-border e-commerce

Dongguan Customs seized a batch of counterfeit products bearing 30 well-known trademarks including Givenchy (photo from GAC)

According to the General Office of the General Administration of Customs (GAC), recently, Dongguan Customs affiliated to Huangpu Customs seized a batch of 1,192 counterfeit products bearing 30 trademarks of well-known brands, including Givenchy, Gucci, Rolex, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Nike, Adidas and Puma in the channel of cross-border e-commerce for export at Nancheng International Express Center.

Confirmed by the trademark owners, 1,192 items of leather bags, clothes, shoes, scarf, wrist watch and glasses are all goods of IPR infringement. Now, the goods have been detained by Dongguan Customs.