Hainan cracked a case of tobacco counterfeiting, the largest one ever in the province in terms of volume and value

The counterfeits seized on site (photo from Southern Metropolis Daily)

On November 14, 9 groups jointly established by Sanya Tobacco Monopoly Bureau and Sanya Public Security Bureau took action in Shenzhen, Sanya, Lingshui and Ledong. Hence, a gang of tobacco counterfeiting across Guangdong, Guangxi and Hainan was destroyed. 8 main suspects and 5 vehicles were captured. 2 warehouses and 2 stores of fake tobacco were destroyed. 15,602 bars of counterfeit tobacco in over 70 brands were detained on site, valued 2.479 million yuan. The case involved a total of over 42 million yuan.

According to the information, this case is the largest one ever in Hainan in terms of volume and value of counterfeit tobacco detained.

(Source: Southern Metropolis Daily)