Foreign merchant thanked the local public security authority for cracking a large case of fake wine

Site of fake wine case uncovered

Foreign merchant expressed appreciation on-site

Recently,Fabien Bova, President of CIVB in France and Thomas Jullien, its Asia-Pacific Director-General went to Penglai Public Security Bureau to express appreciation face-to-face to the police there for protecting the brand and GI of a French renowned wine and successfully cracking a series of IPR infringement and counterfeiting cases. Mr. Bova awarded a medal as compliment to the police in Penglai and passed on the letter of thanks from French Embassy in China. On June 21, 2017, Penglai Public Security Bureau,based on the goods alleged of trademark right infringement transferred from the local administration for market regulation, selected a special team for case handling. It was discovered after investigation that the suspect bought the raw material of wine from France and entrusted a wine-making company located in Yantai to package and sell the wine without authorization of the registered trademark holder. The case involves a value of over 2.2 million yuan.

Now, the suspect surnamed Wang is sentenced by the People’s Court of Penglai to fixed-term imprisonment on charge of selling goods with counterfeit registered trademark.