Haishu police of Zhejiang cracked a large case of drug counterfeiting, with over 100-yuan each capsule costing only 0.4 yuan

On November 30, Haishu police of Zhejiang Province cracked a large case of drug counterfeiting, involving dozens of prefectures and cities in 13 provinces and valued at over 20 million yuan. In order to destroy the fake drug sales network and track down the source of drug counterfeiting, Haishu police set up a task force for specific investigation.

So far, the task force has caught 39 suspects, destroyed 2 hideouts of drug counterfeiting and 4 warehouses of fake drug products and seized 3 sets of counterfeiting equipment, over 110,000 tablets in 41 varieties, over 1 million tablets of semi-finished products and packages as well as over 1,000 kilograms of production raw material.

Besides, taking this case as the breakthrough point, the local police in Haishu figured out the hideouts and a sales network for cross-provincial afrodyn counterfeiting. Now, 12 suspects have been under trial and others are pending for judgement.

(Source: cnnb.com.cn)