Gongbei Customs detained 22,000 batteries alleged of IPR infringement

Gongbei Customs detained 22,000 batteries of IPR infringement

On November 8, after confirmation with the right holder, Gongbei Customs identified 22,000 batteries alleged of infringement upon the exclusive right of trademark “DURACELL”. This is the largest case of IPR infringement in terms of goods volume and value since the joint law enforcement action was launched by Gongbei Customs in 2018 for the second time. All the above-mentioned goods involved in the case have been detained according to the laws. Now, the case is pending for further investigation.

During the joint law enforcement operation, Gongbei Customs launched the crackdown on IPR infringement goods transported from or to Macao or foreign economies via Macao, with a focus on key goods of machinery manufacturing, daily goods, food, drugs, small home appliances and communication and electronic products. Starting from October 29, the Customs has solved 4 cases about IPR infringement and detained 23,000 pieces of goods.

(Source: GACC Website)