A large case of cigarette counterfeiting cracked in Ankang of Shaanxi

photo from the Public Security Bureau of Pingli County

On November 8,it was learned from Ankang Public Security Bureau of Shaanxi Province that, a serious case of cigarette counterfeiting was cracked by the local police. So far, 97 suspects involved in the case were caught, valued at 150 million yuan.

After the case was reported to the Ministry of Public Security and listed as a case supervised by the Ministry, the Public Security Bureau of Ankang set up a task force to investigate the case. After visiting more than 20 provinces, including Guangdong and Fujian, and checking over 3000 case-related bank accounts, the police dug out a large criminal gang composed of over primary 100 distributors and thousands of secondary distributors led by the main suspect surnamed Chen.

It was discovered that the criminal gang, relying on the hideout of cigarette counterfeiting located in Yunxiao County of Fujian and the delivery logistic platforms in Xiamen and Quanzhou of Fujian, Guangzhou and Chaoshan in Guangdong as well as Changsha in Hunan, set up a multi-tier sales network nationwide via Wechat. Characterized by online sales and distribution and new-type pyramid marketing, the typical cigarette counterfeiting case unfolded a practice of Wechat-based order and sales and postal delivery from producers.

So far, the Ankang police has destroyed two criminal networks of cigarette counterfeiting with Chen and Li as the primary retailers. In the end, 9 fake cigarette hideouts were destroyed, over 10,000 bars of finished cigarettes, 2 transport vehicles, 73 cell phones and 13 computers were detained, and over 2 million yuan were frozen.

(Source: Xinhua)