Anhui cracked a large case of online literature copyright infringement

The police of Shanghai inspected the servers involved in the case (photo from NOPIP)

On October 25, the National Office against Pornographic and Illegal Publications (NOPIP) released a large case of online literature copyright infringement, the first one of such kind cracked by the authority against pornographic and illegal publications of Anhui Province.

As introduced, the procuratorate of Hi-tech Zone in Hefei city, Anhui province is reviewing the case of online copyright infringement and will soon initiate a public prosecution with the local people’s court. Now, 11 suspects have been caught, 12 servers are under control, 11 pirated and infringing websites are closed down, and 2 infringing APP platforms are discovered, 15 sets of computers are detained and 4 accounts involved are frozen.

It was found after investigation that Xu set up 13 pirated websites by leasing the servers and using the professional collection software to copy others’ literature works at will without authorization and pursue profits from copyright infringement. Over 5 million works were copied, with the online click totaling 1.89 billion. Xu opened up over 10 pirated websites to attract 450,000 members free of charge. Over 30 legal online websites were infringed upon, including Zhangyue, Qidian and Yuewen, etc. 60,000 yuan of illegal profit was obtained daily by working with several advertisers. To date, a total of 10 million yuan has been illegally obtained.