A fake VS perfume case cracked, with its overseas proxy buyers being tracked down

A bottle of water dilated with a small amount of essence, alcohol and paint in the small workshop then turns into a well-known perfume of international “VICTORIA’S SECRET” brand.

Recently, it was learned from Yiwu Public Security Bureau that, a batch of fake VS perfume has been transferred to the customs by the Bureau. A large case of fake branded perfume is successfully cracked, under the assistance of Alibaba’s anti-fake team.

In the course of investigating counterfeiting source, selling party and external trade companies, the secret overseas proxy buyers draw the attention of police. According to Yiwu police, in order to figure out these overseas buyers placing orders of counterfeits, it will send a notification to the relevant countries for coordinated investigation.

Based on the system of police-business cooperation and assisted by Alibaba anti-fake team, the Yiwu police destroyed the whole chain of fake perfume after nearly 5 months of investigation.

Considering the records of counterfeit manufacture and sales and volume of counterfeits detained at site, the police estimated the case involved over 10 million yuan based on the market value. Now, compulsory criminal measures are imposed upon 6 suspects and another one is arrested. The case is under prosecution.

(Source: huanqiu.com)