Beijing police destroyed a cross-provincial gang of liquor counterfeiting involving a value of 400 million yuan and detaining 64 suspects

According to Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, its general team for safety in environment, food, drug and tourism, by working with municipal and district food and drug administrations, the district-level procuratorates and the police in Guizhou, Shanxi, Hubei and Henan, destroyed two cross-provincial full-chain criminal gangs involved in a large case of liquor counterfeiting.

51 hideouts were destroyed across the nation, 64 suspects were under criminal detention, 25,000 bottles of branded knock-off liquor and wine, 5.2 million items of packaging material and over 270 tools used in counterfeit manufacture were seized, involving 400 million yuan.

The counterfeiting gangs featured a full-chain operation in many regions, from production and transportation of packing material to the wholesale package of components and sales. Many gang members are relatives and fellow townsmen, with clear labor distribution and different hideouts producing different packing material and labels.

(Source: Beijing Evening News)