The police in Ma’anshan destroyed a cross-provincial drug counterfeiting network through nationwide cluster crackdown

Starting from September 2017, the Bowang Police Station of Ma’anshan Public Security Bureau in Anhui Province began with a clue and carried out deep investigation, then submitted a request to Ministry of Public Security for national cluster crackdown, and then destroyed a big criminal network of drug counterfeiting, involving a total value of over 20 million yuan.

In September 2017, the economic investigation team of Bowang Police Station got a tip-off that the drugs sold in a store at Bowang County were suspected of counterfeits. After the investigation, the local police caught the store owner in November 2017. According to the owner, over 80 boxes of “Vigra” he bought were fake and he profited from these fake drugs at over 4,000 yuan.

Bowang police set up a task force to continue the investigation. To encounter such a big criminal network, the team reported the case updates to the provincial publicity security bureau and applied for nationwide cluster crackdown.

Meanwhile, the police of Sanmenxia city City in Henan Province took action and netted 7 criminal suspects, destroyed five hideouts of counterfeiting, detained 4 sets of equipment and over 500,000 pieces of packages as well as large quantities of semi-finished or finished products.

Then, the public security departments in other regions across the nation began to take action in succession. As of July 24, 2018, 20 criminal suspects involved in the case were caught.