7 suspects arrested across Henan and Hebei for trademark infringement

The registered trademark“六个核桃”(six walnuts) turns into several versions, like “六个原味核桃” (six original flavor walnuts), “六个果仁核桃” (six nutwalnuts) or “六个核桃花生露” (six walnut-peanut drink). Such brand free-riding has brought harm to both consumers and enterprises.

On August 11, it was learned from Luohe People’s Procuratorate in Henan that after secret visits and cross-provincial investigation, the legal person surnamed Wang of a Shijiazhuang company suspected of trademark infringement upon “六个核桃”was prosecuted. So far, it has been approved to arrest seven suspects for registered trademark counterfeiting and prosecute against nine suspects.

(Source: dahe APP)