Lucheng tracked down 10 million-yuan fake diet food

Recently, based on the report clues, Lucheng District Public Security Bureau working with Wenzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau tracked down a case of illegal drinks and seized a large quantity of fruit and vegetable drinks (solid drinks) and instant coffee that were suspected to be added with sibutramine elements in Wenzhou and Taizhou. It is learned that 3 people have been under criminal detention and one was released on bail pending for trial, with the value involving more than 10 million yuan.

On July 18, after close investigation, the law enforcement staff of two bureaus were divided into two groups, one in Wenzhou and one in Huangyan,Taizhou. 4 suspects were caught. A sealing machine, a contracted packaging machine, 34,941 bars of fruit and vegetable drinks labeling "D-toxx", "C-trim" and "B-fit", 8,460 bars of dietary coffee marked with "MOREFIT" and 33,100 bars of such drinks in the same package delivered to the whistle blowers, totaling 76,501 bars.