Chengdu seized 817,950 bars of illegal cigarettes in the first half year, involving 164 million yuan

Tobacco Monopoly Bureau of Wenjiang District check detained cigarettes   

In the first half of 2018, Chengdu Tobacco Monopoly Bureau tracked down a total of 4,996 cases involving 817,950 bars of illegal cigarettes,valuing 164 million yuan. The results of crackdown on cigarette counterfeiting and smuggling were marked, which effectively purified the cigarette market in the jurisdiction and created a sound cigarette business environment.

In addition, Chengdu Tobacco Monopoly Bureau actively strengthened administration over "12313" hotline for tobacco-related inquiry, complaint and report to facilitate the public in reporting the acts of illegal production and operation of tobacco monopoly products.

In the first half year, the Chengdu Tobacco 12313 Command Center accepted a total of 7,338 pieces of smoking-related information. All smoking-related complaints were handled within 24 hours, with the disposal completion rate reaching 100 %.