Shenzhen Customs seized over 60,000 IPR infringement goods, involving many famous brands

The IPR infringement goods seized by Shenzhen Customs

On July 30, it was learned from Shenzhen Customs that recently, its affiliated Dapeng Customs seized a batch of IPR infringement goods, initially involving about 2.5 million yuan.
In mid-July, a Fuzhou trading company declared a batch of goods including women's clothing and handbags in Yantian Port. It was discovered by Dapeng Customs after the investigation that the goods actually included 61,000 pairs of sunglasses, 5,200 pairs or pieces of branded sports shoes and sportswear. On July 26, as confirmed by the right owners, the goods was alleged of IPR infringement and the customs put the case on file for investigation.
It is reported that this batch of goods infringed upon the trademark rights of 10 companies, including "RAY BAN", "DIOR", "EMPORIO ARMANI", "CHANEL", "OAKLEY", "POLO", "TOMMY HILFIGER" and the sports brand "NIKE" and "ADIDAS", etc. Such goods were initially evaluated at about 2.5 million yuan.
(Source: Shenzhen Evening News)