Another hideout of pesticide counterfeiting destroyed, with 4000 barrels of fake pesticides seized

On June 22, Jinning District of Kunming City, Yunnan Province, based on the tip-off, working with the local police, the agricultural authority and Kunyang Street Office, destroyed a hideout of agricultural chemical counterfeiting.

The hideout of agricultural chemical counterfeiting destroyed by the market regulation bureau of Jinning District

It is investigated that 6 types of fake pesticides were illegally produced at this hideout, passing off the relevant products in Jiangsu and Gansu Provinces. The law enforcers detained 3,778 barrels of fake pesticides, totaling 41.11 tons; ,1,300 package items, 4,300 labels and marks, 1 set of sealing equipment, 1 motor, 1 blenders and other stuff. Now, the case is under further investigation.

Now, the newly revised Regulations on Agricultural Chemicals Management strictly specifies the legal obligations for pesticide producers, operators and users, and raise the punishment level to keep tight crackdown on the illegal acts about agricultural chemicals.

According to the Provisions (I) of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and the Ministry of Public Security on the Standards for Filing Criminal Cases under the Jurisdiction of the Public Security Organs for Investigation and Prosecution, the relevant cases will be immediately transferred to the competent authority when standards are met.

If the circumstances are especially serious, the offender shall be prosecuted based on the Criminal Law and even sentenced to life imprisonment.