Zhejiang cracked a case of counterfeit drugs involving 1.6 billion yuan

Over half a year of close investigation and based on the breakthrough made by the big-data clue, Taizhou police in Zhejiang Province went through 9 provinces including Anhui, Henan and Shandong and successfully cracked a large case of selling hazardous and toxic food, involving 1.6 billion yuan. Assisted by the anti-fake team of Alibaba, the police caught 14 suspects, destroyed several hideouts and even a whole chain of counterfeiting. It is found that this gang has sold over 70,000 large boxes of toxic and hazardous food, involving over 1.6 billion yuan. Now, the police has imposed compulsory criminal measures on those 14 suspects. Meanwhile, the police reminded the consumers that they should be cautious about the healthcare goods they buy online and go to the hospitals for treatment if necessary.

(Source: Qianjiang Evening News)