Tianjin tracked down 7 stores selling counterfeit “Goubuli” steamed buns with fillings

The on-the-spot delisting

Recently, the inspection team under the Market Regulation Commission of Tianjin organized the law enforcement action to inspect the steamed buns stores at the Tianjin Ancient Culture Street and found seven of them may harm the legitimate rights and interests of consumers by selling counterfeit “Goubuli” steamed buns. The signboards of the seven stores were removed and they were punished in accordance with the Trademark Law and the Anti-unfair Competition Law.

It was found in the inspection that the catering business owners complained by the customers illegally hang the signboard of “Goubuli” at the business venue without authorization of Goubuli Group, which harm the reputation of “Goubuli” brand and confuse the consumers. The law enforcers removed the signboard from seven illegal stores. The owners of seven stores were punished accordingly.

(Source: ccn.com.cn)