Zhaotong City successfully cracked a 140-million-yuan large case of online cigarette counterfeiting

On June 6, under the guidance of the police and the tobacco monopoly authorities in Yunnan Province and Zhaotong City and coordination of the counterparts in Qujing City, the Public Bureau of Zhenxiong County under Zhaotong City and the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau of Zhaotong took a joint action and successfully cracked a case of cigarette counterfeiting in the integration of production, storage, transport and sales.

According to initial investigation, the counterfeit production lasted for over 9 months at the hideout, where a box of cigarettes can be produced every second. A total of 10,000 bars of counterfeit cigarette were produced every day, mainly sold to the local markets within Yunnan and involving a value of 140 million yuan.

On May 13, the law enforcers of Zhaotong City targeted at the hideout location and counterfeiters while investigating a cigarette counterfeiting case, and finally successfully destroyed a gang of cigarette counterfeiting, which eliminate the harm of counterfeit cigarettes to the society and effectively protect the national interests and the interests of consumers.

Now, the case is under further investigation.

(Source: the Office of Yunnan Leading Group on Fight against IPR Infringement and Counterfeiting)