Guangzhou Customs and Huangpu Customs tracked down over 10,000 items of goods infringing upon the trademark of World Cup

140 footballs seized by Guangzhou Customs that may infringe upon the trademark rights of World Cup

It was learned from Guangzhou Customs and Huangpu Customs that as the 2018 Russia World Cup kicks off, and based on the action arrangement in the “China-Russia IPR Customs Protection for World Cup in 2018”, the two customs strengthens the examination and inspection in the ports. Over 10,000 items of infringement goods have been seized, including football and sportswear.

As is introduced, Guangzhou Customs tracked down over 7,800 items of IPR infringement goods including football and sportswear. In mid April, when checking a batch of goods exported to Tanzania, Guangzhou customs detained 140 footballs infringing upon the trademark rights of “FIFAWORLDCUP”, 700 coats and 3,530outfits of infringement upon trademarks of “Adidas & its logo”and “NIKE & its logo”.

After the case was under investigation, Guangzhou Customs organized the action and successfully detained 1,920 sportswear outfits infringing upon the “FIFA”trademark and 720 outfits and 800 shirts and pants infringing upon five trademarks of “DSQUARED”and“POLORALPHLAUREN& the logo”, etc.

It was learned from Huangpu Customs that 4,500 sportswear outfits that may infringe upon the trademark of Adidas were owned by a industrial company in Nanchang and exported to Malaysia.

4,500 IPR infringement clothes seized on site by Huangpu Customs

When a staff from Laogang Customs under Huangpu Customs checked this batch of football outfits exported to Malaysia and found that the 30,000 sportswear outfits exported to Malaysia were packaged into 40 bags of this cabinet. The examiners selected by sample and found that the sportswear were all black, without any trademark or label.