Shanghai Customs seized 2,470 footballs infringing upon the “RUSSIA 2018” trademark

Shanghai reported a case of infringement upon the trademark of World Cup. 2470 footballs for export were found to infringe upon the trademark “RUSSIA 2018”.

After the inspection, the customs officials found that all these 2,470 footballs have used the mark“RUSSIA 2018”. On April 21, the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) as the “RUSSIA 2018”trademark holder sent a letter to Shanghai Customs, confirming that this batch of footballs was unauthorized and infringing upon their trademarks, which were thus detained by the customs.

Now, Shanghai Customs has suspended the customs clearance of for this batch of footballs and began to investigate.

It is learned that in the early first half of this year, the nationwide customs launched “joint law enforcement action on IPR protection" with Russian customs in 2018.