Guangzhou Customs seized over 90,000 cosmetics items infringing upon the IPRs of L’Oreal and others

Guangzhou Customs announced on June 1 that, the Nansha Customs under Guangzhou Customs recently seized 46,000 pieces of pressed powder suspected of infringement upon the IPR of “L’Oreal”brand and 45,800 items infringing upon the IPR of “MAC and logo”. Now, these two brand owners have confirmed that they are all infringement products and submitted the application and guarantee for IPR customs protection.

Pressed powder of infringement upon the exclusive rights of “L’OREAL” trademarks

“These fake cosmetics are very similar with the authentic ones both in package and quality. However, once they flow into the market, it is hard for consumers to distinguish,”said Chen Li, Deputy Head of Inspection and Examination Section under Nansha Customs Bonded Port. “Those popular skincare brands from France and US often face high risks of IPR infringement. Through data analysis and risk judgement, the customs have successfully seized these 90,000 counterfeit cosmetics.” In the end of 2015, Nansha Customs tracked down over 60,000 pieces of cosmetics, including BB creams, lipsticks and pressed powder of IPR infringement upon “POND’s and logo” and “UUnilever”, etc.

In recent years, in order to optimize the rule-of-law business environment, Guangzhou Customs has increased efforts on IPR infringement crackdown in export by offering the prototype for IPR customs protection, organizing the IPR owners for skill training, providing“one-by-one”coaching about IPR customs protection and filing for enterprises and helping the enterprises to enhance the awareness of IPR protection.

Since 2018, Guangzhou Customs has tracked down 161 cases about IPR infringement, seized 385,300 items of goods suspected of IPR infringement, worth 4.9562 million yuan and a year-on-year increase of 54.6% in terms of case value involved.