Xunyang Police in Shaanxi cracked a 124-million-yuan-worth large case of online cigarette counterfeiting

Warehouse of seized counterfeit cigarettes

Suspects caught by the police of Xunyang

The fake cigarettes seized by Xunyang police at the express delivery company

On May 29, the county of Xunyang held a conference to notify the new progress achieved in the large counterfeiting case marked “December 19” in Ankang supervised by Ministry of Public Security as one of the key cases. The staff from Xunyang Public Security Bureau said that after 18 months of secret investigation, the County has successfully cracked this large case. About 14 million fake cigarettes of various brands worth 124 million yuanwere seized, 19 suspects were caught, with over 1,700 Wechat account numbers and 300 banking accounts involved.

(Source: cnwest.com)