Police of China and US joint hands with Alibaba to crack a 100-million-yuan case of cross-country counterfeiting

It was learned from Alibaba anti-fake team on May 28, China and US successfully cracked a 100 million-yuan case of cross-border luxury goods counterfeiting. The overseas e-commerce platform Purses Valley posted advertisement of counterfeit luxury goods to receive overseas orders through the overseas social networking platforms. It colluded with the gangs located in China to procure counterfeit bags and watches bearing trademarks of LV, Gucci and Cartier, etc.

It was reported that as early as June 2015, the LV brand owner started to investigate the PursesValley by inviting the Platform Governance Department of Alibaba to assist the crackdown.

On November 8 2017, the police of China and US successfully cracked a large criminal case of cross-border IPR infringement. Chinese police caught a gang of 36 suspects led by Zhuang, destroyed 7 counterfeiting hideouts and seized over 3,000 items of goods including counterfeit leather goods, bags, watches and accessories of LV, Rolex, Cartier and Gucci brands. The sales totaled 100 million yuan. The law enforcement department of US also launched investigation on the involved domestic websites and counterfeiters responsible for bulk order.

Besides, the Economic Investigation Team of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau found that the PursesValley website mainly targeted at consumers of European and American countries, with an expected earning of 300 million yuan each year. Because this amount of money cannot be transferred back to China through the normal channel, then the parallel imported car store where Zhuang was caught, was suspected of money laundering. The Economic Crime Investigation Team under Guangzhou Public Security Bureau provided the domestic information for judgment through the International Cooperation Bureau of Ministry of Public Security in a bid to seek the help of US law enforcement counterparts during their crackdown.

Open statistics show that the Alibaba’s special anti-fake team has launched off-line cooperation with 23 provinces nationwide. In 2017, Alibaba fed 1,910 pieces of clue about anti-fake work to the law enforcement authorities nationwide, assisted the catching of 1,606 suspects, destruction of 1,328 hideouts, with 4.3 billion yuan involved.

(Source: gd.chinanews.com)