Counterfeit Chinese visa gang busted by police

A criminal gang counterfeiting and selling exit and entry documents to help foreigners obtain Chinese visas was busted by Pudong New Area police, Shanghai Observer reported Thursday.

Forty-three foreigners are suspected to have obtained Chinese visas illegally through this gang. Their visas have been revoked.

A foreign applicant's application materials were suspected of being a forgery by Pudong police in July of 2017.

Between December of 2016 and August of 2017, the gang fabricated a local company that invited foreign performers to Shanghai. In September of 2017, nine Chinese suspects and two foreign suspects who worked as middle-men were caught by the police.

According to the head of the gang, surnamed Sha, the gang charged 4,000 yuan ($628) - 5,000 yuan per person. When these foreigners entered China illegally, they worked as performers and teachers in 12 provinces across the country.

(Source: Global Times)