13.5 tons of bean vermicelli alleged of trademark infringement to be suspended for customs clearance

Goods of IPR infringement

Recently, Huangdao Customs affiliated to Qingdao Customs found during their check and inspection that a container exported to Poland contained 13.5 tons of vermicelli with simple package and without authorization of trademark holders. Then, the customs suspended the customs clearance of such goods and took the measure of IPR customs protection.

Goods of IPR infringement

Confirmed by the brand owner, the “Double Dragon”logo trademark of Cofco – Shandong Vermicelli & Beans Imp Exp Co., Ltd. as one of key enterprises under IPR protection of “Longteng”Action by the national customs, was infringed upon. Considering its violation of Trademark Law of P.R.C and the Customs Law of P.R.C., the customs imposed fine upon the party involved and confiscated infringement products.

In recent years, taking into consideration the new layout of comprehensive opening-up, Qingdao Customs centered on the special operations like “Longteng”Action and “Qingfeng”Action to curb the exportation of IPR infringement food and create an orderly and fair competition environment for enterprises, thus effectively defending the overseas image of “Made in China”and the legitimate rights and interests of right holders.

(Source: qingdaonews.com)