Changting of Fujian Province cracked five cases of veterinary drug counterfeiting

On March 22, Datong Police Station under Changting County Public Security Bureau cracked down on five cases of veterinary drug counterfeiting and caught five suspects, pushing ahead the 100-day campaign of“Hongtu Jindun (Golden Shield on Red Earth)”.

Considering the local condition, Datong Police Station keeps tight crackdown on criminal acts related to veterinary drugs. Recently, the taskforce collected the evidence and uncovered criminal suspects and their hideouts. In the morning of March 22, the police began to take action. In a logistic company, the police seized more than 100 pieces of veterinary drug produced and marketed by three suspects.

One suspect surnamed Chen was caught in a rented house. Meanwhile, the other group of police caught another suspect surnamed Xie in charge of counterfeit veterinary drug production, and seized over 200 items of counterfeit products, 60 bags of semi-products, a batch of raw material and production tools. After investigation, Xie confessed that their boss is surnamed Wu.

Now, the police have taken compulsory measures against Chen and Xie and the other three suspects have been under investigation. The case is pending for further investigation and trial.

(Source: Fujian Law News)