Shenzhen cracked a case of counterfeit HK and Japanese drugs,valued at HKD 140 million

On March 30, Guangdong Food and Drug Administration (GDFDA) revealed that Shenzhen uncovered a large underground gang of drug counterfeiting, worth 140 million Hongkong Dollar and seized 10 varieties of fake drugs claiming to be produced by the factories in Hongkong and Japan. Only last year, Guangdong handled over 31,000 law-breaking cases about food and drugs and destroyed 316 hideouts.

According the information from GDFDA, with over four months of investigation, the food and drug authority and the police in Yantian District, Shenzhen jointly destroyed 2 hideouts of drug faking at the warehouses located in Luohu District. 2 suspects were caught and 1957 boxes of fake drugs covering 10 varieties were seized, like well-known seapills and anti-rheumatism ointment, worth a total of 80.6 million yuan.

Judging from the on-site investigation, the case was worth about 110 million yuan or 140 million Hongkong Dollar.