The police in Zhengzhou busted a large case of wine counterfeiting, worth over 18 million yuan

Recently, the police of Economic Investigation Team of Jinshuilu Public Security Bureau in Zhengzhou, Henan Province cracked down on a criminal gang of wine counterfeiting, caught 10 suspects, destroyed 5 hideouts and seized over 50,000 bottles of fake wines in over 8000 boxes, a number of sets of production tools and over 100,000 anti-fake labels, trademarks and bottle plugs, worth over 18 million yuan in total.

After the investigation, it was found that this gang composed of family members is characterized with clear division of labor and a complete chain of counterfeit manufacturing and sales. Since April 2017, this gang bought inferior raw material and ordered the packing boxes, bottle boxes, anti-fake labels and trademarks to produce the fake wine of Australia’s renowned brand BIN, at a price of 500 to 8,000 yuan each bottle for exorbitant profits.